Our Leadership

Ghazi National Institute, DG Khan (Degree Awarding Institute)
Chartered by the Govt. of the Punjab & HEC Recognized.

Sardar Abdul Karim Khosa

Chairman -BoG

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic but it takes sweat, determination, & hard work to make it come true.
The arc of the gradually blossoming flower symbolizes development from childhood to adulthood, through the process of learning.
The catalyst in this process being education, which opens doors for a life full of opportunities.”

Dr. Sonia Kareem

Mr. Hassnain Raza

Dr. Asia Kareem
Expert Member/BoG

Mr. Shamial Ahmad Khawja 
Expert Member-Foundation/BoG

Prof. Dr. Rashida Qazi
Women Expert Member/BoG

Mr. Tariq Mahmood Khan
Expert Member-Foundation/BoG

Ex- Officio BoG’s Members

a) Three Members of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab including at least one women member to be nominated by the speaker
b) Chairperson of the commission or his nominee not below the rank of Director
c) Chairperson Punjab Higher Education Commission or his nominee, not below the rank of Director
d) A Vice Chancellor of a Public Sector University to be nominated by the patron
e) Secretary to the Govt, Higher Education Department or his nominee
f) Secretary to the Govt, law and Parliamentary affairs or his nominee
g) Rector of the institute – (Member/Secretary)