The Department of Urdu, a pioneering establishment within the Faculty of Languages and Literature, was inaugurated in 2023, marking a significant milestone in the history of the Ghazi National Institute of Engineering and Sciences (GNIES) First Chartered Institute of Dera Ghazi Khan. Uniquely positioned as the first of its kind in South Punjab, Dera Ghazi Khan Pakistan, the department underscores the integral connection between Urdu, not merely as a language, but as an embodiment of the ideological principles that define the essence of Pakistan. Recognizing the evolving global landscape, the establishment of the Department of Urdu at GNIES is strategic and aimed at cultivating and advancing Urdu language and literature to elevate its status as an international language in the realms of sciences, technology, politics, and culture. The curriculum for M.S. and B.S. programs has been meticulously crafted to address the difficulties of prospective researchers within this critical national discipline. Urdu, with its deep-rooted ideological significance, necessitates the emergence of a new cadre of dynamic scholars and researchers to succeed the stalwarts who have made indelible contributions to its development. The contemporary surge in global linguistic studies poses a challenge that Urdu scholars must confront with rigorous scientific research. Examining the annals of nations that have excelled in natural and social sciences reveals a common thread — the imperative of nurturing and advancing their national language. Without this foundational element, a nation’s progress and competitive standing in the global arena remain constrained. The Department of Urdu at GNIES is committed to charting a course aligned with these principles, aspiring to set new standards through scholarly pursuits and research endeavors. In pursuit of these objectives, the department endeavors to contribute significantly to the enrichment and global recognition of Urdu as a language of substance and influence.

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