Message From HOD

Dr. Sehrish Khan Tayyaba
Assistant Professor
Ph.D Comsats University Islamabad

  • Visiting Faculty of Data Communication and Networks (DCN) and Introduction to Computers and Programming (ITCP).Dept. of Computing and Technology, IQRA University Islamabad.
  • Senior Science Teacher(SST)(Computer Science)  Govt. Girls High School, Mulla Quaid Shah Jadeed, DGKhan
  • CS/IT Teacher (Computer Science) Govt.Girls High School, Shah Sadar Din, DGKhan.
  • Community IT Trainer Social Development Computer IT Center (SDCITC), D.G. Khan

The Information Technology department has dynamic, international, and award-winning faculty engages in adding theoretical knowledge after transforming cutting-edge research. IT covers the theory and practice behind the design and implementation of computer and information systems. It builds on foundations of algorithms and complexity theory, and includes databases, networks, artificial intelligence, vision, machine learning, programming languages, cryptography, simulation and graphics. IT Expert solve interdisciplinary problems in biology, medicine, and security.

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