Message From HOD

Dr. Sehrish Khan Tayyaba
Assistant Professor
Ph.D Comsats University Islamabad
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  • Visiting Faculty of Data Communication and Networks (DCN) and Introduction to Computers and Programming (ITCP).Dept. of Computing and Technology, IQRA University Islamabad.
  • Senior Science Teacher(SST)(Computer Science)  Govt. Girls High School, Mulla Quaid Shah Jadeed, DGKhan
  • CS/IT Teacher (Computer Science) Govt.Girls High School, Shah Sadar Din, DGKhan.
  • Community IT Trainer Social Development Computer IT Center (SDCITC), D.G. Khan

The Department of Computer Science at Ghazi National Institute of Engineering and Sciences places student development at the front position of our priorities, and struggles to equip our graduates not only with professional knowledge, but also the technical skills to apply and develop their knowledge, and a logic of professional ethics to guide them in their career and personal growth. The Department achieves this not only by hiring and emerging high level staff and maintaining high standards in our training and research, but also in adopting internationalization, participation in industry, and awareness of revolutionary developments in the field. Through this, we hope to develop in our students not only the knowledge and skills for the future, but also the outlooks of tomorrow, which is of principal importance to a vibrant and rapidly evolving field such as our own.